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Hello Johanandha.
Your friend DoctorDidi started a new discussion.
Cheating along with some sort of harassment by ptc4ever.
I joined ptc4ever, a PTC site, a few days ago as the minimum payout was only $2. Within a very short period of time, I reached the minimum payout as the daily number of ads was sufficient enough and I immediately requested for a payout. When I submitted the necessary request for a payout, I noticed an announcement by the site that payment by Paypal may take time for 5 days to the maximum and a member must have to wait for this period of time before submitting any ticket as a reminder for payment in case of delay, otherwise, if it is done before 5 days, the membership would be terminated by the site. So I had no other alternative but to wait. But I used to visit the 'Requested payout' page every day as a routine. On the 4th day, I saw a declaration stating that an amount of $2.08 has already been paid, but unfortunately it was not reflected in my Paypal account. After completion of the 5th day, when I was planning to send a ticket, I found the site unavailable. After a few days, the site was again available online and I submitted a ticket asking for an explanation but they did not care to respond to it, rather, it became offline again. So, I lost my hard earned money with some sort of harassment in sending those tickets. Is there any member of ptc4ever who has the same bitter experience like me or are you lucky enough to withdraw your payment before it vanished from the Internet?
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